Systemwide Training for Programming Librarians: Palm Beach County Library’s Approach

If only there was a class in library school on how to select, plan, coordinate, and publicize a library program! Some schools may teach storytelling techniques to future children’s librarians, but not how to organize and prepare for the storytime. Still others may touch on library programming in classes dealing with services to seniors or special populations. Yet, these courses don’t teach the nuts and bolts of providing programs to their patrons, whether for adults or kids.

Bringing Writers to Readers: A Partnership That Works

The future of bookselling often seems cloudy in this rapidly changing digital world, but the future of reading is clear. As publishers struggle to determine the best way to produce and market books in this new digital era, non-profit organizations whose mission is to encourage reading must continue to find ways to connect writers and readers. As resources shrink, creativity and partnerships become even more vital.

Author Events Made Easy

Ah, author events at the library. Is there anything more fun? Author events can also be perplexing, frustrating, and sometimes hair-raising, but mostly when I think of author events I’m primed for a good time—both for myself and my patrons. If you’re ready to give author events a whirl, here are a few things to think about.

Why do author events? It’s a great question, and one to which you’ll want to give some serious thought before you begin an author program. What do you hope to achieve by hosting an author at your library? Maybe you want to:

Navigating the World of Publishers for Author Programs

Finding authors, booking them for your library program, and getting them for a price that your library can afford can sometimes be a challenge. How do you start? Who do you contact? What can you expect? What do they expect?

If you already have contacts with a publisher, then pick up the phone and call. If they aren’t the person handling author requests, then ask them to give you the appropriate person to contact. Start with an introductory e-mail asking for a time to call them to talk about securing an author.


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