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Prevent Bullying through Exercise

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Kid in child's pose

Every day, thousands of children and teens all over the country and the world are bullied by their peers. These victims — who have been judged to have some weakness, perceived as somehow abnormal or lacking, or who are just a tiny bit different — are vulnerable to not Children in downward dog poseonly day-to-day torment but life-changing and decades-long repercussions.

Art on the Brain

Art brain

Art MeetUp participantsI am no artist, but I really love the excitement and creativity that comes with hosting art programs in the library. I just spent the last year working on a project called Art MeetUp where I worked with several of my CCCL colleagues. First, I'd like to give a big shout-out to my library peeps Seng Lovan, Christian Gendron, Jeff Gibson, and Stephen DeFrank!

Sharing is Caring: Programs for Family Caregivers

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Couple holding handsNovember may be a time for turkey and holiday shopping, but it's also Family Caregivers Month. Many of us know someone who provides support and care for a family member with a disability. You may be that person! Now is a great time to consider how your library can offer year-round programs to assist this large and unique community.

A Moving Promotion

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"Find Yourself at the Torrance Library" van

Arguably, one of the most challenging things about programming is getting the word out. We all create programs for the community, many of them successful.  Some are not as successful as we would like due to attendance. This can be extremely frustrating. I can’t tell you how many times in my programming career I have felt the sting of low turnout. Now, “low turnout” may sound like a made up malady dreamt up by Big Pharma, but I am telling you, it is real.

Rural Roots: Social Media

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Gilpin County Public Library marquee

Gilpin County Public Library marqueeIn these days of social media, librarians do not want to be left behind. Library directors, particularly in rural areas, are either unflinchingly embracing one or more forms of social media or being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century by their patrons, staff, trustees, friends group, county government and, more and more frequently, by their own devotion to their duty.

Keep Calm and Take a Spa Day

Plan relaxing do-it-yourself spa programs for boys and girls

For the past few months, I have been trying to pamper myself a little more than usual. I tend to work long hours and do a lot of running around for work, so when I get home my feet are very tired. I decided to start getting pedicures at least once a month and now my feet feel great and look pretty awesome. My favorite part is picking out the color and then blingling it out with glitter!

Boooooks and Eeks-hibits: Halloween at the Academic Library

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Haunted Library Screamfest, designed by Mark Zupan (Duke University)

Haunted Library Screamfest, Mark Zupan designerIn graduate school, one of my professors showed our class a photo of a reference desk lovingly decorated with paper ghosts and small pumpkins for Halloween. The professor then posed the question, “Is this a place where you would want to ask an academic research question?” Opinions about library holiday decor aside, there are clever ways you can promote services, collections and staff around a Halloween theme.

Books, Buds and Bars: Programs for Adult Readers

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Hands holding a book

September is a big month for book lovers. Earlier this month, the Library of Congress held its National Book Festival, the biggest gathering of book nerds in the nation. Just north of Washington, DC, we're fixing up the bookmobile in preparation for authors and readers to descend upon the city and join the 2015 Baltimore Book Festival (Sept. 25 to 27).


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