Science in the Summer

I admit that, during my high school years, I only reinforced the stereotype that girls are not good at math and science. (In fact, saying I was “not good” is probably being too kind; my chemistry teacher would likely suggest “utterly hopeless” as more accurate.) I can’t help but wonder what might have been, however, if I had had Science in the Summer at my library as a child.

Go Big or Go Home

Life-sized board games! For those of you who already have gaming at your library, here's a way to take it to a whole new level. Not offering gaming? Why not start big? Here are a few innovative programs I found online:

Bring Literacy to PRIME TIME

Want to expand upon your library’s literacy programming? Curious about the PRIME TIME Family Reading Time program? Here’s your chance to apply for a grant that includes a training workshop, stipends, and materials.

Kentucky Kids Get Ekphrastic

You may not know what the word “ekphrastic” means, but a host of kids from west Kentucky in grades three through nine could tell you.

Help Kids Explore the Universe @ your library

Everyone knows that a library card is a ticket to far-off lands. Now through a partnership with IMAX and Warner Bros. Pictures, ALA will help library users explore the universe.

Beginning with the movie’s March 19 release, ALA will host Explore the universe @ your library, giving kids in grades kindergarten through 12 the opportunity to win tickets to the newest IMAX movie Hubble 3D, telescopes, and other prizes.


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