PLA Virtual Spring Symposium

Want to attend the Public Library Association’s Spring Symposium, but are unable to travel due to time or budget? How about attending virtually on March 30, 2011? Moderated by Meg (Canada) Knodl, the PLA Virtual Spring Syposium is a full day of public library education that will offer eight education programs across four program tracks; Technology and Youth Services tracks will run simultaneously in the morning, while Administration/Leadership and Adult Services tracks will run in the afternoon.

Additional highlights of the day are a lunchtime interview with author Diane Ackerman (A Natural History of the Senses, The Zookeepers Wife), and a closing session, “The Sustainable Library,” with George Needham and Joan Frye Williams.

Of particular interest to programming librarians are:

  • “When School Is Out, The Library Is In”—Now more than ever, public libraries are providing vital educational and recreational opportunities for school-age students during out-of-school time. This program will highlight how three different public libraries across the country are innovating, collaborating, and providing meaningful connections for students. Participants will see examples of successful partnerships that leverage resources in new and exciting ways, and will gain fresh inspiration to try out highlighted programs or look at tried and true programs in a new light.

  • “Connecting With Teens @ Your Library”—No matter what your library has or doesn't have, the teens in your community need YOU! Learn some quick tips to reach teens where they are, to be relevant to them, and to get and stay connected to them on any budget or schedule. Jenine Lillian will cover her research and results on Cool Teen Programs for Under $100 and speak to what teens need and want from the mentors and community leaders in their lives. You became a YA Librarian to make a difference and here's your chance to shine.

  • “I Didn’t Know You Could Do That at the Library!”—Today’s most forward thinking libraries are expanding their scope of service with an eye to becoming indispensible community assets. Learn about creative community partnerships, resourceful new revenue streams, and extraordinary programs that strive to strategically place the library in the center of the community. Are these innovations the key to our success or are they dangerously outside our core mission? Hear directly from the service pioneers among us.

  • “Transforming Life After 50”—Join us to explore how “aging” is changing and what this means for both Baby Boomers and public libraries. Hear how libraries are transforming the way they serve and engage this growing population of midlife adults, ages 50+. They changed not only the libraries themselves but also how their communities embraced them!

Cost to attend PLA’s Virtual Spring Symposium is $125 for PLA members, $155 for ALA members, and $185 for nonmembers. Group registration costs are as follows: $225 (1–3 participants), $450 (4–9 participants) and $750 (10+ participants). Registration is available online with a credit card or via fax or mail with a PO, check, or credit card.