National Video Resources

Series from National Video Resources

The ALA Public Programs Office partnered with National Video Resourcesexternal link (NVR) to offer libraries the opportunity to present to the public the highest quality independent films, videos and documentaries, along with scholar-led discussions, on the major events, leaders and technologies of the twentieth century. Films and support materials for these series are available from NVR.

The World War I Years: America Becomes a World Powerexternal link

The World War I Years is a six-part series that explores the political and social history of the United States in the early twentieth century. Themes for the six programs in the series are: “The Road to War,” “Over There: The Military History of the American Expeditionary Force,” “Modern War: The Experience of the ‘Doughboys,’” “The American People in Wartime,” “Peace Making: The League of Nations Experiment,” and “After the War: The Turbulent Years.”

From Rosie To Roosevelt: The American Peopleexternal link

As millions of men and women headed for battle in World War II, millions more mobilized to support the war effort at home.

From Rosie to Roosevelt: The American Commandexternal link

Wartime presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, along with key military commanders, made momentous decisions in their efforts to end WWII.

Post War Years, Cold War Fears: American Culture and Politics, 1946–1960external link

The post-war years brought Americans unprecedented wealth and opportunity, but also new fears about national security.

Fast Forward: Science, Technology & the Communications Revolutionexternal link

From party lines to chat rooms, explore the technologies that moved at lightning speed through the twentieth century.

Presidents, Politics and Power: American Presidents Who Shaped the 20th Centuryexternal link

The twentieth century demanded strong leaders. Meet the men who faced the challenge.

The Research Revolution: Science and the Shaping of Modern Life

Clones, plastics, robots, atoms ... how scientific research has changed our lives.

Human Rightsexternal link

A national project in which three hundred public libraries across the country will each receive videos and support materials at no cost for use in planning and presenting documentary film screenings on human rights topics.