Second Opinion

“Second Opinion,” is a grant-funded initiative for caregivers. The initiative includes a Web site, booklet, and DVD aimed at helping caregivers find the information and resources they need to help them and the people for whom they care. Find out more about the series.

Three episodes of the “Second Opinion” program that specifically look at caregiving have been produced. The footage and transcripts (available in English and Spanish) are also available online. Additionally, the three episodes and additional relevant interviews have been placed on a DVD that libraries can request to show or loan.

In addition, the Second Opinion for Caregivers Diary and Resource Guide contains useful articles of advice and support as well as workbook-style pages to help manage day-to-day care. The English-language version is available online for your reference; a Spanish-language version will be available in the future. Booklets in both languages are also available in bulk to libraries to distribute.

Also offered is an outreach toolkit with advice and information for organizations interested in hosting their own outreach events around this effort.