Cooking Up a Contest

Editor’s note: Tie this contest in with your cooking programs, or use it to inspire new programming. One commenter on the contest’s website mentioned that her library was hosting a recipe tasting to determine which recipe should be submitted—a great idea!

New for October at EDSITEment

Las Catrinas

This month, EDSITEment offers lesson plans for a variety of American history–related film resources, with topics including Prohibition, post-Columbus America, American art, and the War of 1812. The site also celebrates Halloween and el Día de Muertos and highlights two exhibitions you won’t want to miss.

Whoopi, Penguins Join Banned Books Read-Out

Actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg and the authors of the most challenged book in the United States—the story of male penguins raising a baby penguin—have joined the virtual read-out of banned and challenged books that is taking place on YouTube as part of the 30th annual Banned Books Week. People from all over the country are raising awareness of book censorship by posting videos of themselves reading from their favorite banned books.

Featured Library: Birmingham Public Library

This month we’re highlighting Birmingham (Ala.) Public Library’s upcoming Eat Drink Read Write Festival. Designed to “feed the mind, body, and soul,” the festival will bring “food, culinary arts, and literature to the table in a format that will help foster community in a diverse city [and] increase awareness of food-related concerns in our community by exploring them from a variety of perspectives.” Here’s a rundown of the planned events:

Film Programming That’s Off the Wall

Anyone following Roger Ebert on Twitter can attest to his consumption of books, blogs, and newspaper articles. But apparently he also reads every email that lands in his Movie Answer Man inbox—which is how the Kansas City (Mo.) Public Library (KCPL) initiated a film series collaboration with the Pulitzer Prize–winning film critic that has attracted cineastes for two summers. (Side note: Ebert generally frowns upon non-Answer Man-intended emails.)

Sneak Preview of Not In Our Town Documentary at ALA Annual

The one-hour PBS documentary special Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness profiles a town standing together to take action after anti-immigrant violence devastates their community and thrusts them into the international media spotlight. In conjunction with the September 21 broadcast of the film, all libraries are invited to use the film and accompanying resources for free public programs events in September and beyond. ALA Annual Conference attendees can enjoy a sneak preview: stop by Auditorium C on Monday, June 27, at 9 a.m.

Exploring Literature and Film

Hercule Poirot

You love to read and watch movies. Why not combine your passion for both with a PBS Masterpiece Book & Film Club in your library? Gather like-minded patrons to talk about books, film adaptations, costumes, actors, and more.

A Science Café in a Library?

How do a Science Café and a university library fit together? Actually, they are a perfect match. One of the goals of the University of Southern Mississippi Libraries is to promote the library as the intellectual and cultural center of the campus. Having a Science Café series within the library helps us accomplish this initiative.

Featured Library: Lyon County Library System

This month, the Lyon County (Nev.) Library System is launching its “Adaptation Festival,” a program designed for adult and senior film lovers. The library system has chosen five novels or short stories that have been adapted for film. Patrons are invited to read the selected works, then attend a monthly book talk featuring a screening of the adapted film.

The books and films span various literary and film genres and include:


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