Second Opinion

“Second Opinion,” is a grant-funded initiative for caregivers. The initiative includes a Web site, booklet, and DVD aimed at helping caregivers find the information and resources they need to help them and the people for whom they care. Find out more about the series.

Moyers on America: Citizens Class

Are you an informed and engaged citizen? Bill Moyers investigates issues affecting democracy—money in politics, the environment, and internet neutrality—with Moyers on America, a series of three documentaries. You can connect, reflect, and respond to these hotly debated topics by joining the Moyers on America Citizens Class. This national dialogue will take a hard look at some of today’s most pressing issues and ask: What do you think?

On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying in America

There is a great divide separating the kind of care Americans say they want at the end of life and what our culture currently provides. Surveys show that we want to die at home, free of pain, surrounded by the people we love. But the vast majority of us die in the hospital, alone, and experiencing unnecessary discomfort. Bill Moyers goes from the bedsides of the dying to the front lines of a movement to improve end-of-life care in On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying.


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