Taking a Shot at Photography

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so why not promote your programming with images? Photos of your events can be used to attract new people to your programs by showing them what they’re missing, or to raise funds by showing how important and well-attended programming is in your community. Use them on your website, with social media, in newsletters, and in promotional material.

Making the Case for Library Programming

Even though library programming is widespread, programmers still find themselves faced with having to persuade the library administration, board members, colleagues, and even patrons and the public of its value. As different agencies and library departments compete for limited funding, it’s important to be able to articulate why cultural programming is worth the investment.

Grant Funding Sources

Following is a selected list of organizations and institutions that have funded library programs for adults or worked as partners with libraries for programs—have you approached similar groups in your community for funding or in-kind support?

When Opportunity Knocks

Leading lights in the public library fundraising world from the likes of San Francisco (Calif.), St. Paul (Minn.), Princeton (N.J.), and Columbia (S.C.) put on a show at ALA’s Midwinter Meeting in Denver. The occasion was a Midwinter Institute on starting a library foundation, and these veteran fundraising gurus presented case studies of their own libraries followed by a nuts and bolts presentation on the legal issues involved as well as practical advice on recruiting and working with an effective foundation board.

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