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This year’s Holocaust Remembrance Week is April 7–14, 2013. The Day of Remembrance itself, known as Yom Hashoah, is April 8. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum leads the nation in this annual observance by encouraging civic, military, religious, and educational institutions from across the country to hold remembrance events.

The theme for this year’s observance, Never Again: Heeding the Warning Signs, examines events of 1938 and the international response. Why did so many countries and individuals fail to respond to the warning signs of the Holocaust seventy-five years ago? And what can we learn from the few who chose to act, despite widespread indifference?

We invite you to join the nation in remembering the victims of the Holocaust. As in previous years, the museum is offering a resource package filled with advice and ready-to-use materials for organizing remembrance events. The planning guide and resources for Annual Holocaust Commemorations are free, and may be obtained by filling out an online request form.


The museum’s website also features a national map displaying details on Days of Remembrance observances across the country. You can add your community’s observance(s) to this map.