Use It, Love It, or Need It: Help Your Patrons Declutter

One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is getting organized! In January 2011 we decided to help our patrons get the year off to a good start by bringing in a professional organizer to conduct a program about how to get and stay organized … we called it “Organizing 101.”

Our professional organizer, Tracey Magner, came prepared with handouts and lots of useful information. One of her mantras that evening was “if you don’t Use it, Love it, or Need it, throw it away, donate it, or give it to someone who does love, need, or will use it’. In those simple words she boiled down the basis for getting organized. She also explained the difference between cleaning and organizing, and emphasized the importance of maintaining your systems after they have been created.

The program was great! Tracey allowed people to sign up for electronic handouts if they wanted to get started right away with reducing their clutter. She also signed up people who wanted to receive her electronic newsletter filled with helpful tips and tricks to getting and staying organized.

Tracey was so popular that we invited her back for a “Spring Cleaning and Organizing” program in the Spring. Again we had a great turnout, and Tracey concentrated on important things like how to clean and organize your garage, how to properly store items, how to organize your closets, and other great tips.

This topic has been very popular here at the Wells (Maine) Public Library, and I imagine it would be in almost any town or city across America!