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Rebirth of a Nation

No period of American history has held our fascination over the years like the Civil War. It was a time of great principles and inspired ideals, a time of impassioned rhetoric and heroic acts, and, ultimately, a time of incomparable human suffering and sacrifice. Why did the “perfect Union” envisioned by the Founding Fathers turn on itself and risk self-destruction? What new order emerged from the devastation? And what is the legacy of the Civil War to our own time?

One Vision, Many Voices

This series explores the diversity within the writings of those whose linguistic and cultural heritage stems from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other Spanish-speaking Central and South American countries.

Not for Children Only

This series offers new and old classics of children’s literature, along with a brief history of how writing for children has evolved over time.

New American Worlds

The search for the Earthly Paradise, a better life, perfect happiness—all of these have affected the nations and peoples of our hemisphere. And it is those hopes (and often the resulting disillusionments), that inform much of the epic fiction of the Western Hemisphere.

A Mind of Her Own

“I carried her in my arms,” Tevye sighs as another daughter goes her own way—and so begins a modern literary tradition of Jewish fathers and daughters who get carried away with politics, money, sex, religion, and, above all, one another.

Making a Living, Making a Life

This series offers an examination of work-related issues: women in the work force, a changing workplace, employment as identity, the puritan work ethic and, of course, the American Dream.

Long Gone

This series explores the migration experience from Africa to America, from south to north, from rural to urban—a powerful and recurring theme in twentieth-century literature.

Liberty and Violence

To many Americans, the French Revolution is but a distant memory of a barbaric time marked by brutal violence and bearing little relevance to 20th Century life. Yet many of the principles and ideals at the heart of the 1789 uprising are very much alive today. Was the Revolution one of history’s noblest moments, or one of its most atrocious? And what of the dual legacy of liberty and violence left to us today, more than 200 years later? Is contemporary society any more virtuous or less vicious than its forbearers in its zealous pursuit of liberty?

Isabella’s Sisters

In these fascinating memoirs and biographies, women create worlds, both real and fictional. Each book is a detailed portrait of a strong, influential woman, a woman capable of changing the course of history, art, culture, or politics.

Individual Rights and Community in America

Under the banner of “I’ve got my rights” Americans have forged a government and established a way of life unparalleled in history. The “American Way” celebrates the supremacy of individual rights over the idea of community. But does this promote selfishness and a breakdown of society? Can individual choice and freedom coexist with duty and loyalty to others?


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