A University Library Remembers the Civil War

The Perkins Library at Duke University is hosting a one-day symposium tomorrow to mark the Civil War Sesquicentennial. Titled “Another March Madness: The American Civil War at 150,” the symposium is open to the public and will feature prominent speakers from Duke University, University of North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Ohio State. Themes to be discussed include the social, cultural, medical, and military aspects of the Civil War:

  • “The Long Civil War: Reconstruction Violence as an Extension of the Conflict,” Mark Grimsley, Ohio State
  • “Discipline, Cause, and Comrades in the Relationship between Officers and Enlisted Men in Lee’s Army,” Joseph Glatthaar, University of North Carolina
  • “The Civil War and the Legal Transformation of the United States,” Laura Edwards, Duke
  • “The Indians Were all Union People: Indian Claims to Loyal Citizenship,” Susanna Lee, North Carolina State
  • “The Transformation of American Medical Practice: Medical Photography During the American Civil War,” Shauna Devine, Duke
  • “ ‘Of Wards and War’: The Importance of Good (and Bad) Medical Care in the American Civil War,” Margaret Humphreys, Duke

Guests will also be invited to attend two Civil War–related exhibitions currently on display at the library: “I Recall the Experience Sweet and Sad: Memories of the Civil War” highlights the memoirs of men and women who lived through the Civil War, including Walt Whitman, who worked as an army hospital nurse; and a second exhibition showcasing Duke’s Civil War medicine collection.