Launch Your Programming into Space with Three Opportunities from NASA

Looking for ways to add space-related programming to your library? NASA is offering a YA artwork contest, a traveling exhibition, and a programming workshop for librarians in Idaho and Montana.

First, NASA is extending a special invitation to libraries to help youth participants submit artwork to the international Humans in Space Youth Art Competition Project. Youth worldwide ages ten through eighteen are invited to learn about space exploration and express their view—through musical, visual, literary, or video artwork—of how humans will use science and technology to explore space and what mysteries we will uncover. The online competition is open now through October 21, 2012. Even youth without a home computer and Internet can participate if able to use library resources. Libraries are invited to get involved by posting notices about the competition (flyers are available in ten languages on the website); providing youth with access to library software to create literary art, to upload digital photos of visual art, and to use the online submission system; and using existing library resources or free online tools that enable youth to create video and musical artwork. For questions or additional information, please contact: Jancy C. McPhee, Director, Humans in Space Youth Art Competition; phone: 281-244-2022;

Second, librarians are invited to bring the Moon in into their libraries. The Lunar and Planetary Institute has several exhibits about the current science and exploration of the Moon that are free for loan to interested libraries. Designed for small spaces, each exhibit is presented as a set of three 32" wide x 83" high pop-up banners intended to be displayed side-by-side. Programming suggestions and recommended reading and Internet resources to encourage your patrons to explore further are included. For more information, to view the exhibits, and to request an exhibit, please visit The Moon in Your Backyard: Traveling Exhibits webpage.

Finally, the Lunar and Planetary Institute is hosting a NASA-supported workshop, Explore! Marvel Moon. Library staff who provide, or plan to provide, out-of-school programs for eight- to thirteen-year-olds in Idaho and Montana are invited to apply! The two-day training will be held in Butte, Montana, on September 6–7, 2012. Explore! Marvel Moon will acquaint librarians with NASA’s investigations into the ongoing saga that has shaped our Moon. Discover our scientific, cultural, and personal understanding of Earth’s nearest natural neighbor. Scientists and educators from the NASA Lunar Science Institute and the Lunar and Planetary Institute will share space science information, resources, hands-on activities, and demonstrations developed specifically for you to infuse into your public programs. The workshop is free. A $150 stipend is available for thirty participants. A stipend request form will be emailed to participants on a first-come, first-accepted basis. Space is limited! Apply by July 20, 2012.