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Honoring Native Culture in Oceanside: Local and Sustainable Ethnic Programs in Libraries

Our Ancestors tell us that from the beginning of time, our people “ataaxam” have always occupied the San Luis Rey Valley, including the coastline, the neighboring lagoons, the oak forest, the lush meadows, the vernal springs, and the creeks and rivers to the north and south of the valley. The ataaxam harvested the fertile land and sea, and their extensive knowledge of the environment was passed on through culture, songs, stories and dances, from generation to generation.—The San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians Tribal Council

New for January at EDSITEment

This month, check out EDSITEment’s new look and sign up for a free webinar tour of the improved site. In addition, you can celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr.; mark the fiftieth anniversary of President Kennedy’s 1961 inaugural address; take a look at saints, relics, and devotion in Medieval Europe; and discover Middle Eastern history, religion, and culture.

New for December at EDSITEment

Emily Dickinson

This month, celebrate holiday traditions, go beyond C.S. Lewis’s famous wardrobe, relive Pearl Harbor, learn more about George Washington’s Christmas boat ride across the Delaware, celebrate Emily Dickinson’s birthday, and travel back in time to the City of Light in the first part of the last century.

New for November at EDSITEment

Scene from We Shall Remain episode 1, “After the Mayflower”

This month, EDSITEment celebrates the Mexican Revolution Centennial and Native American History Month. It also offers Civil War lesson plans in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and, in time for Thanksgiving, a resource for Plymouth Colonial history and archeology.

Free We Shall Remain Webinar

WGBH-Boston is hosting “Enhancing High School Instruction with We Shall Remain,” a free webinar for high school teachers and librarians, on December 17, 3–4 pm Central. The event will focus on the library event kit developed for the We Shall Remain PBS television series. Presenters include former ALA President Loriene Roy and AASL President Cassandra Barnett.

New for November at EDSITEment

November is Native American Heritage Month, and EDSITEment is celebrating by featuring the recent five-part PBS series We Shall Remain, which was partially funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). This series spans four centuries and shows Native American history as part of the national experience from the Mayflower to the Wounded Knee occupation of 1973.

We Shall Remain Giveaway

I have a last-minute opportunity for you! A total of nine DVD sets of We Shall Remain will be given away in two drawings.

Just send Bruce Curliss an email, letting him know about a library event that you are planning to coincide with the on-air broadcast of We Shall Remain between April and May 11. Your activity could be a discussion group, book club reading, book display, or any other activity, such as those described in the library event kit.

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