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Planning Ahead: Haunted Happenings

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Halloween at your library

When you hear “library Halloween programs” you probably think of a Trick-Or-Treat story time or a teen Halloween party. But adults can enjoy Halloween programs as well. With the right partners, Halloween programs can be affordable, educational and entertaining for adult library users. We hold many of the programs on weekends or in the evening so working adults can attend.

Telling, Mapping and Listening to Nashville: Public History and Geography of the New South

Group huddled around a map

This program focused on blending traditional resources from the special collection with modern technology to educate students about their city. Students worked with physical maps to locate themselves and their stories within Nashville, then used Google Maps to digitally combine all their stories on one map. Students used oral histories from the library’s collection to map narratives of other Nashvillians.


One finished game made by a student.

The Librarygame project teaches fifth graders the concepts of storytelling, technology and project management through the creation of video games. The program is a collaboration between Sacramento Public Library and local Title I schools, many of which lack the funds to hold this type of program without a partner.

Create a Vision Board

A thought bubble is drawn around a light bulb on a chalkboard.

Our library collaborated with local author Brandy Bonner on a Saturday afternoon program on vision boarding.

Vision boards are tools — created with images or words on a cork board or poster board — that help people visualize their intentions, what they want to do or achieve. By placing your vision board where you can frequently see it, you are reminded of your intentions and subconsciously make your vision a reality.


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