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Zombie Appreciation Day

People dressed as zombies

Zombie Appreciation Day is a program for teens and adults that promotes library resources (streaming movies and comic books through the library website, print graphic novel collection) while having fun (playing games, watching a movie, and making crafts).

Coffee and Conversation at Cambridgeport School

The mayor speaking with parents and caregivers

Coffee and Conversation provides a monthly forum where families can engage over a cup of coffee with school administration, government officials, local nonprofit employees and others in the convenient and casual setting of the school library. The talks are held in the mornings so parents and caretakers can attend after dropping their children off at school.


Visit Explore program ad

Explore is an ongoing series aimed at everyone, including developmentally challenged adults. It goes beyond a storytime, using lively multimedia tools — such as video clips from YouTube and library DVDs and audio recordings, as well as books and “craftivities” — in a quest for fun and lifelong learning. 

Hooray for Bollywood

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Woman in Indian attire

Library programs and events are things we do not only because we enjoy doing them, but because they fulfill a need in our community. I have, however, oftentimes heard a disgruntled colleague or two claim that programs do little to encourage the use of the library. This, of course, is a matter of philosophical debate in the profession and is not likely to be resolved anytime soon. I would argue — as, I suspect, would many of you — that programs are use of the library.

Kinetic Literacy

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Mother and son run in a race.

We spend a lot of time in libraryland talking about literacy. And there are an awful lot of literacy skills to learn and teach: pre-literacy skills, visual literacy, numeracy, cultural literacy, information and computer or digital literacy…whew! But one of the most overlooked and underappreciated literacy skills is the one we use almost constantly from the time we are born: kinetic literacy, also known as physical literacy.  Boy climbs on tightrope.</body></html>


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