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The Road to CIVILITY

Choose Civility is an ongoing community-wide initiative designed to enhance civility, respect, empathy, consideration, and tolerance, led by Howard County Library (MD). Choose Civility evolved from an internal library campaign into a successful community-wide initiative with nearly 100 partners and funders, including the public school system and community college. Learn why more than 60,000 people have chosen to display Choose Civility car magnets on their vehicles, and why the library is a natural choice to lead the initiative.

Museum/Library Partnerships That Work!

As informal education institutions, museums and libraries share similar missions and values and can benefit from forging partnerships. Benefits include resource sharing, outreach to new audiences, access to expertise and the potential for increasing goodwill and support between the organizations and the broader community. Participants will learn about a number of successful museum/library partnerships that are generating innovative programming, exhibits and creating new opportunities for outreach and how to identify potential partners and successfully manage joint projects.

Senior Spaces: Creating Your Library as a Place for Older Adults

Libraries (big and small) from New Jersey to California have begun to develop “spaces” to be focal points of service to seniors of all ages. Like children’s rooms and teen spaces, these areas in the Library make older adults feel welcome, engaged, and involved! How can you and your library develop a space? What do some of these spaces look like? How can these spaces be the center of new library programs for older adults? What have we learned from Libraries that have already developed spaces? And, especially what if I have no space—what can I do?


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