Happy Thanksgiving!

For those in the United States, anyway. For the rest of you, Happy Week Like Any Other! In the spirit of the season, I thought I’d list a few things I’m thankful for:

  • For all of the feature writers who contributed to Programming Librarian this year: Kimberly Bishop, Betsy Blankenship, Terrilyn Chun, Teresa Luengo Cid, Chapple Langemack, Jennifer Longee, Esther Mackintosh, Heather Paulson, Nathan Richie, Carrie Russell, and Mary Stansbury. Special thanks to Heather, for her participation in the Programming Librarian program at Annual Conference, and Terrilyn, for her fantastic webinar on museum/library partnerships.

  • For the Programming Librarian blog writers: Constance Alexander, Colleen Barbus, Emilie Barnett, Stephanie Book, Katie Davis, Jennifer Dominiak, Henry Fortunato (who also was part of the Programming Librarian Annual Conference program), Rini Hughes, Megan Humphrey, Beth Keller, Felicia Kelley, Jonathan Kelley, Mary Mackay, Angela Maycock, Megan McFarlane, Kim Mears, Shelley NiTuama, Jennifer Paisley-Schuch, Tracy Paradis, Erica Pastore, Jennifer Peterson, Manju Prasad-Rao, Stephanie Shipp, Stephanie Spetter, and Angela Thullen.

  • For you, the readers! It was wonderful to get to meet some of you at ALA Annual Conference, and I’m thankful for all of the feedback and encouragement I've received, both in person and electronically.

  • And, on a more personal note, for the great people I work with here at the ALA Public Programs Office, and the best officemate ever, Inky the fish.

What are you thankful for?