Plan Space Programs for Kids with ‘Marvel Moon’ Webinars

It’s not always easy to gets kids interested in science – but space is a pretty good place to start.

We at ALA’s Public Programs Office were happy to offer two "Marvel Moon" webinars recently with the space experts from the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI). Part of LPI's "Explore!" series, the “Marvel Moon” learning module covers a number of kids’ activities that are fun, low-cost, can be flexibly implemented, and are designed for non-school settings. There are also special "Marvel Moon" comic book characters, all designed after real planetary scientists.

Both webinars are archived and available for free viewing at the links below.

The first webinar, “Bringing the Moon’s Story to Children Ages 8-13!,” covers through hands-on activities how the moon was formed and how it has evolved over time:

  • “Wham! Moon!” demonstrates the impact between Earth and a small planet using different-colored balls of Play-Doh.
  • Common food items like Rice Krispie treats, doughnut holes and chocolate chips serve as models of the interiors of the Earth and the moon in “Recipe for a Moon.”
  • In “Growing Up Moon,” a sequence of stations using common materials such as graham crackers, water balloons and colored water demonstrates how the dark and light areas we see on the moon’s face record major events of its “lifetime.”

The second webinar, ““Celebrate Our Personal, Cultural and Scientific Connections to the Moon!,”” explores the cultural connections to the moon and how it affects our everyday lives.

  • “Moon Mythbusters” builds reasoning skills by exploring personal and cultural misconceptions about the moon.
  • In “Mirror Moon,” kids build models with tennis ball and aluminum foil to investigate the source of the moon’s light.
  • In “Dance of the Moon and Oceans,” kids explore the complex, scientific explanations of the Earth/moon motions in space through kinesthetic, active models of tides and phases.

A complete list of Marvel Moon activities, in addition to other helpful resources, can be found on the LPI website.

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