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Libraries Transforming Communities: Models for Change Overview

During this two-year (2017-18) professional development project, library professionals will have access to free training in community leadership techniques like coalition-building and dialogue facilitation. Offerings will include free web-based and in-person workshops specially designed for three library types:

  • large public libraries (spring 2017)
  • academic libraries (fall 2017)
  • small, medium-sized and rural public libraries (winter/spring 2018)

This introductory webinar will provide an overview of LTC: Models for Change. Participants will:

LTC: Essential Partners' Reflective Structured Dialogue Method (2 of 3)

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Focusing on Essential Partners' Reflective Structured Dialogue method, this webinar will explore how academic libraries can explore diverse perspectives and engage deeply with community members on topics where there is great tension. Learn more about the Essential Partners' Reflective Structured Dialogue method.

Participants in this session will:

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