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Knitting Workshops for Kids

Student getting help from teacher with a another student knitting

Children (ages 8 to 11) signed up for a series of beginning knitting workshops taught by older adult volunteers. Over three sessions, children learned basic knitting techniques that led to a completed project. Each session was led by five adult volunteers and was limited to 20 children.

Our first series — Knit a Kitty — was so successful that we have since offered three more. The workshops filled up quickly, and most children returned to attend subsequent classes.

Needle Ninjas

Needle Ninjas participants
Needle Ninjas had its origins in another library program, Tangled Yarns. Local resident Diana Kincaid, who occasionally attended Tangled Yarns, approached Library Director Dave Mixdorf with an opportunity to teach children and young adults to knit. We started in April 2015 and meet once a week. Diana volunteered to supply the yarn and needles needed. Youth Director Odessa Meyer measures the success by the enthusiasm seen in the kids each week and their ongoing commitment to the program.
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