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Adulting 101

An uncertain graduate

You've waited all these years to finally be an adult — no one to tell you to do your homework, clean your room, what time to be home or to eat your peas. Now what?

Adulting 101 is your go-to program to learn the basics of being a responsible grown-up. Monthly programs begin in February and run through the summer. We kicked off the series with a program called Bare Essential Cooking.

School's Back In Session: Let's Play!

Never lose your sense of wonder

Never lose your sense of wonderIt's September! Do you know what that means? It means that fall is approaching faster than we think. Back-to-school brings an edgy and playful vibe, but it won't last long because teens are already getting their reading assignments and loading up their textbooks, and teachers are piling on sky-high homework, too.

Library Eats

Participants in the South Sioux City Library Eats program

Library Eats is open to all adults over 18 and combines the love of cooking with our library’s collection of cookbooks. Each month we showcase a different type of cooking, e.g. vegetarian, soups and stews, or gluten-free. This program is offered the second Thursday of every month and starts at 6:30 p.m. During various times throughout the year we offer specialty Library Eats programming run by volunteer guest cooks, in addition to our regular monthly sessions.

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