Products To Create High-Quality Livestreams and Virtual Programs

Do you want your livestreams to look more professional? Whether you’re using Zoom, Facebook Live or YouTube, these tech products are relatively affordable, easy to use, and can greatly improve your virtual content.

Matt Mazur, co-founder and director of Turtle Dance Music, shares tech products in a 10-minute video, or scroll below to view highlights.


For an improvement in the quality of your livestreams, these gadgets can easily make your videos crisper in sound and video.

1. Blue Yeti Microphone

The Blue Yeti microphone is a great starter microphone if you want an upgrade from the built-in microphone on your computer.

2. Logitech BRIO

This camera is a great investment and the best quality at its price point. You place it on the top of your computer and simply plug in the USB. There are lower- and higher-cost options, depending on your needs and budget.

3. Yamaha MGO6X

Want to add cool sound effects to your livestream? This six-channel mixer can add voice effects directly into your stream. Though a little pricey, you can find often find these secondhand.

4. Focusrite Audio Interface

If you’re doing a music program, a Scarlet Focusrite audio interface can be a great investment toward your livestreams. You can often find these secondhand online at a lower price point, too.

5. Hosa RTS Stereo Breakout Cable

Play high-quality music directly into your stream! This affordable cable is durable and can come in handy for when you want to connect sound from your phone or tablet.

6. Sennheiser Headphones

For livestreams, it’s very important that you can hear yourself exactly how others will hear you. You can get a great pair of quality headphones anywhere from between $50 to $100; these are one of my favorites.


If your budget allows, purchasing livestreaming software can also be a great investment.

This software allows you to create professional live videos and stream directly to platforms such as Facebook Live, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch.

The following programs are recommended but be sure to choose one that fits your needs and budget.

7. Vimix for PC

8. Ecamm Live for Apple

9. Restream

10. StreamYard

Matt Mazur is co-founder and director of Turtle Dance Music. He is the co-author of the children’s book "Scrak’s Big Adventure," written with and illustrated by Tim Shaw, an autism advocate and artist and Matt’s brother-in-law. Proceeds from the book go toward scholarship funds for adults with autism to attend local colleges. Follow Turtle Dance Music on Facebook for more. Mr. Matt would be happy to offer a free in-depth virtual story time webinar to your library staff/county-wide system; e-mail him at for more info or if you have further tech questions.