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Library Olympics

Librarian running with book cart outdoors

On a rare sunny but cool June day in Dayton, Ohio, the University of Dayton Libraries staff competed (and excelled in!) the inaugural Library Olympics. Developed by the professional development team, led by Erik Ziedses des Plantes, the day featured journal Jenga, journal toss, cart racing, book balancing, speed sorting and a scavenger hunt that played out on Twitter.

5 Ways to Say 'Welcome Back' to Alumni


Each summer, the University of Dayton’s Reunion Weekend offers a “welcome home” to graduates celebrating milestone years. During the weekend, typically held in early June, alumni socialize, network, and explore campus to see how much has changed since they graduated.

On the Saturday of Reunion Weekend, the library hosts a four-hour open house where alumni and their guests can visit the building and reacquaint themselves with the library. Thinking back on some recent open houses, here’s a list of five ways to welcome back alumni.


The Swipe is Right

University of Dayton houses

University of Dayton boasts a beautiful 373-acre campus, housing approximately 90 percent of undergrads on campus or in the student neighborhood. In 2015, the Department of Housing and Residence Life implemented a program called Aviate, a nod to Dayton’s aviation history and connection to a student’s journey toward their destination. Aviate provides students with a series of learning goals to master by the time they’re ready to graduate, including authorship, interculturalism, community living and more.

Finals Week: We’ll Be There for You

Finals Week: We’ll Be There for You

Finals week: Could it BE any more stressful? Inevitably, final exams bring more students to the library along with heightened stress levels. Every semester, Roesch Library at University of Dayton hosts numerous stress-relief services and activities to help students succeed. To make the time more bearable, Roesch Library’s marketing and outreach team decides upon a theme to promote finals week services.

Giving Food for Fines

Food for Fines display

Food for Fines is a popular program for many libraries to offer fine amnesty and good will toward those in need. Typically, the program offers fine forgiveness in return for shelf-stable food items that are then donated to a local food pantry. Consider the points below for planning a Food for Fines and to freshen up an already existing program.

Where Christmas Begins

Family looking at nativity

Family looking at NativityThe Marian Library at University of Dayton (Ohio), a Catholic, Marianist institution, boasts the world's largest repository of books, artwork and artifacts devoted to the Virgin Mary. Among the library’s many treasures is a collection of thousands of handcrafted nativity sets from around the world.

Boooooks and Eeks-hibits: Halloween at the Academic Library

Haunted Library Screamfest, designed by Mark Zupan (Duke University)

Haunted Library Screamfest, Mark Zupan designerIn graduate school, one of my professors showed our class a photo of a reference desk lovingly decorated with paper ghosts and small pumpkins for Halloween. The professor then posed the question, “Is this a place where you would want to ask an academic research question?” Opinions about library holiday decor aside, there are clever ways you can promote services, collections and staff around a Halloween theme.


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