Flower Petal Suncatchers


Inspired by Jean Van't Hul's book "The Artful Parent," kids made colorful suncatchers using fresh flowers and paper plates.

Cook the Book Club

photo focused on hands filling plates over an array of potluck dishes

Patrons come together to share food and conversation with recipes made from a single cookbook. 

Donut Diorama Day


Teens and police officers team up to create three-dimensional doughnut structures in a chaotic competition.

Grandparent's Day


Bring out the kid in all of us! This program offered grandparents a chance to bond with their young grandchildren at the library.  

Zine Workshop


Introduce your patrons to zines — homemade magazines — and help get them started making their own.

Read to a Dog


Young readers practice their reading skills with a comforting companion — a certified therapy dog. 

De-Stress with Doggos


Ogden Farmers' Library attracted 20- and 30-somethings with a low-key event with therapy dogs.

Oreo Taste-Test Challenge


Cherry Cola Oreos? Pistachio Thins? Omaha Public Library served 17 Oreo varieties for an epic challenge. 

Human Battleship

Inspired by a school gym class, this life-size version of the classic tabletop game is fun for all ages.