Special Effects Makeup Workshop for Teens


Miami Dade Public Library taught special effects makeup techniques as part of their superhero-themed summer reading program.

Crime Scene Investigation: Deadly Disinformation

Female detective looking attentively at investigation board, back view

This hands-on program teaches participants how to look out for disinformation through interacting with and solving a mock crime scene.

The Book Crawl

Photograph of people sitting at tables outside of a brewery

The Book Crawl is a series of pop-up outreach programs created to engage the adult population, local businesses and community partners.

Sheep to Sweater Series


The Sheep to Sweater Series started with a trip to a sheep farm and continued with knitting and dyeing.

Unlazy River

Photograph shows children outside playing a sidewalk chalk game with pool floaties on.

Kick off the summer season with an Unlazy River! Pool floaties are needed for this outdoor obstacle course.

Authors Speak Series: Drawing

Photograph of person drawing a pair of eyes.

This hybrid program series invites older adults to workshops led by local authors.

Bridgerton High Tea


You're cordially invited! This high tea is based on the "Bridgerton" books and Netflix series.

Film Discussion Kits

Photograph of a Film Discussion Kit for "The Biggest Little Farm." Photograph shows the DVD, Film Discussion Guide binder, and container.

The Chatham Area Public Library's Film Discussion Kits contain a DVD and a binder of discussion questions on social justice topics.

Be a Master Money Builder!

Photograph of child putting coins into three jars. Jars are labeled: Savings, Toys, Education

Money Builders is a one-day children's camp with a Lego theme created to teach the children of refugees about the importance of banks. 

Brain Builder Backpacks


Ranging from music, the human body, and engineering, these backpacks are educational and fun.