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Love Programming Librarian? Help support this website by contributing to ALA's Cultural Communities Fund. is made possible by contributions to ALA's Cultural Communities Fund (CCF), an endowment to support cultural programming in libraries. Funding from CCF supports:

  • professional development opportunities for libraries that address practical issues related to cultural and community programs
  • awards and grants that recognize excellence in library programming
  • development and promotion of effective library programming models

Libraries connect communities to the greatest treasures that the world has to offer. Through programs and events that bring the community together, librarians powerfully connect citizens to words and ideas, art and music, history and film, and connect one person to another through cultural programming and dialogue.

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The Cultural Communities Fund (CCF) supports excellence and innovation in community-focused library programming through grants, awards, and professional development, and helps to fund the Libraries Transform Communities Engagement Grant, Peggy Barber Tribute Grant, and the Sara Jaffarian Library Program Award.

Please join our network of CCF supporters — including more than 500 library professionals, foundations and corporations — by making a tax-deductible contribution today. You can designate your gift to support a specific grant or award or you can give an unrestricted gift, and we will use your donation where it is needed most.

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Public & Cultural Programs Advisory Committee (PCPAC)

The Public & Cultural Programs Advisory Committee (PCPAC) serves as an advisory committee to the ALA Public Programs Office to promote excellence in cultural programming; to assist library staff to become more effective providers of cultural programming; to identify and disseminate resources for cultural programming; and to promote the Cultural Communities Fund.

To volunteer for the PCPAC, please visit the ALA website.