Growing Your Library's Role: Creating a Community Garden with Impact

Inclusive, diverse and supportive of community participation, community gardens are a great way to bring together patrons and expand the library's role beyond its walls.

Pottsboro (Texas) Area Public Library learned how powerful community gardens can be when the library used a single grant to transform an acre of vacant city land into a vibrant garden plot that residents could use, free of charge.

1 hour

Join Pottsboro (Texas) Area Public Library for this 60-minute webinar, where the library's director will discuss how planting a community garden led to the development of unique partnerships and an influx of new users from diverse market segments. Learn how the rural library's programming horizons were broadened and how the library took on a new role in their small community.

This webinar will review the steps Pottsboro Area Public Library took to get their community garden started and where it is going. 

Participants of this webinar will learn about: 

  • Creating a community garden that is scalable for all budgets and spaces
  • Components and operation of community gardens
  • Potential community organizations for partnerships

Dianne Connery is the director of the Pottsboro (Texas) Area Public Library, named a Best Small Library America 2017 Finalist by Library Journal. She was a corporate trainer and entrepreneur before moving to a rural community eight years ago. On the verge of closing its doors, the library was saved by a group of dedicated volunteers who got involved and transformed it into the vibrant community gathering place it is today. Even though she doesn't have a green thumb in the garden, Dianne enjoys planting seeds in the community.

Libraries are perfectly positioned to change the world!