Tavares Public Library

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The City of Tavares is the County seat of Lake County, Florida, and is located in the central portion of the state, roughly 45 minutes Northwest of Orlando. Historically, this county has been mainly agricultural growing citrus and vegetables. Although not the largest Lake County city, Tavares is centrally located and has a growing population of 15,000. The City of Tavares Public Library is a participating member library of the Lake County Library System. Located in downtown Tavares, the library neighbors the Lake County Administrative buildings and serves hundreds of county employees in addition to the city’s service area of 15,000. The Tavares Public Library has 10, 000 Library Card Holders. During 2018/2019, the Tavares Public Library offered 398 library programs with an attendance rate of 12,527. Circulation for 2018/2019 was 10, 0994. The Tavares Public Library is staffed with 7.5 employees.