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Going Outside the Stacks: Library Partnerships for Community Festivals

Tents and patrons at the Literary Arts Festival
I don’t know about your community, but my small Florida town loves outdoor festivals. We have celebrations for everything: Bikefest, Corn Fest, Arts Fest, Craft Beer & Food Fest, etc. Being located on Main Street in the heart of downtown, my library is often filled with festival-goers using our restrooms and enjoying our air conditioning and water fountains. The library does book displays that fit the themes of whatever events are going on within the community. Chili Cook Off? Jazz Festival? Easter Egg Hunt? We have a book for that.

Pi Day

A girl throws a "pie" at a librarian

Celebrate Einstein's birthday and the most awesome Pi Day ever! Enjoy a puppet show, games and check out a book in order to "pi" a librarian.

Ghost Hunting at the Library

ghost-hunting team

Paranormal phenomena are explored in this program featuring the International Paranormal Reporting Group from Boise. This team travels throughout our region to delve into old legends, learn more about area hauntings and providing a taste of the excitement they experience as professional paranormal investigators. 

Page to Stage: Bringing Literature to Life

A "Page to Stage" performance

"Page to Stage: Bringing Literature to Life" was an ongoing arts and humanities initiative at the Princeton Public Library founded by director/actor Brandon Monokian and librarian Janie Hermann. Through staged productions of plays adapted from or inspired by literature, this program brings characters to life and encourages reading in a fun and physical way. Performances have included "Tattoo Girl" by Naomi Iizuka, "Eurydice" by Sarah Ruhl, and for kids, an adaptation of "Jack and the Beanstalk" by Bill Springer.

Great Halloween Costume Swap

The Great Halloween Costume Swap is a free annual event run by volunteers from the library’s GO Green Club. Gently used Halloween costumes and accessories for all ages are collected at the library by GO Green Club members. Participants are given a token for each donation. They return to the library for the swap, and in exchange for their tokens, they select costumes from among the donations. Any leftover items are donated to a local nonprofit community service organization for their annual Halloween party.



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