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Open Mic

Student performs during open mic

Open Mic is a recurring event — open to students, staff and the community — typically hosted on either a Thursday or Friday night from 6 to 9 p.m. Students and staff are granted five minutes on stage for any school-appropriate performance. Performances have ranged from poetry readings (of students’ own works or from a favorite poet) to singing, dancing, comedians and even heavy metal bands. The event has drawn audiences of 8 to 120 people, including family to friends, even pets. Coffee and snacks are served.

Senior Expo

Older adults at the Senior Expo

The library organized a daylong Senior Expo that brought together local county organizations that offer services to seniors and their families. The focus was on health, wellness, legal issues and more. 

Zombie Prom

Zombie prom attendees in zombie attire

Zombie Prom was an after-hours Halloween event for teens held on a Friday evening. Participants were encouraged to dress up in prom finery/as zombies. There were zombie makeup artists, dancing, refreshments and more.

Dating Dante

Dating Dante poster

Yes, it happened: Speed dating came to the Rare Book & Manuscript Library at the University of Illinois. But it was not exactly what you think. Ten book-loving students offered six-minute presentations on a variety of remarkable books and/or manuscripts. Each of them discovered and researched a rarity that “spoke to them,” or perhaps we should say a book “that made their spines tingle.” Guests were invited to wander from treasure to treasure every six minutes.

Game Night at the Library

Scavenger hunt winners with library staff

During our first ever Game Night at the Library, we offered board games, Bingo (with prizes), a Wii with various games patrons could check out, a library-themed scavenger hunt meant to get attendees familiar with the library's new space and existing services with prizes for the winning team, and pizza, desserts and beverages.  This event was open to our faculty, staff and students who were encouraged to bring their family members with them.  

Pick-up Lines that Work: Powerful Openings in YA Books

Event poster

Peters Township Public Library hosted local author events as part of Pennsylvania Library Association's "PA Forward Speak Up!" This event was planned as an initiative to place Pennsylvania authors and illustrators in the spotlight, increasing support for libraries everywhere. "Pick-up Lines That Work: Powerful Openings in Young Adult Books" was offered for teens 13 and up, as well as adults.

Pixilation Animation Technique

Pixelation props

Pixilation is a stop-motion technique using people as the subject of an animated film. It resembles human puppetry as live actors repeatedly pose for a sequence of animated frames. This type of animation also makes use of large props and other found objects. Pixilation is a great way to explore stop-motion animation and could be incorporated into science classes, storytimes and beyond. 

Host Authors at Your Library and Get Them Begging to Come Back

If you have ever wanted to host authors at your library, or perhaps attract bigger names, then this webinar is for you. Learn the ins and outs of getting ideas for authors, finding out when they're on tour, pitching publicists, and how best to follow up. Improve the vivaciousness of your author line up and host events that will have your patrons talking for months!

Libraries Transforming Communities: Sweet Spot of Public Life (6 of 6)

This webinar series explains, step by step, how to use the “turning outward” approach created by The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation. The approach emphasizes taking steps to better understand communities; changing processes and thinking to make conversations more community-focused; becoming more proactive to community issues; and putting community aspirations first.


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