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Fondue Frenzy

October 1, 2016
Children / Family
College Students
Community Members
Older Adults / Seniors
Young Adult
Advance Planning

We wanted to provide a fun night for our patrons where they could relax, chat with others and enjoy sweet treats. Planning went to room layout, getting the fondue pots or chocolate treat makers, and buying the food, plates, cups and utensils. Staff were asked to donate fondue pots, chocolate treat makers or anything that would melt chocolate and allow for easy dipping.


Starting four to six weeks before the event, we promoted both in and out of the library with fliers, websites, social media and word of mouth. The program was scheduled for a Monday evening from 7 to 9 p.m. We had a limit of 20 sign-ups, and the age range was left open to anyone.

Budget Details

The final cost came to around $80. The biggest cost was the food. BJ's Wholesale was a big help, especially with fruit. Library staff members donated their fondue pots and chocolate treat makers for the program, so that saved a lot of money.

Day-of-event Activity

The room was set up with four tables, each with one fondue pot and five or six chairs surrounding. Additional tables were set up at the front and the food, plates and utensils were laid out buffet-style. Two staff members were present for the set-up and clean-up of the program.

Program Execution

Chocolate chips were heated in the fondue pots just before the program started, giving them time to melt. Patrons loaded their plates and used forks to dip their food into the chocolate. We added more chocolate as needed. The original 20 sign-ups showed and enjoyed the event. Most of them stayed for 30 or 40 minutes.

We had so much food left over we invited patrons in the building to come and enjoy. By the time most of the food was gone, 45 patrons had participated in the event, trickling in and out.


The patrons were very excited about the event and all had a great time. We have gotten requests to do it again. I would suggest getting more food and supplies than you think you need. If food needs to be washed, do it the night before to prevent any water from mixing with the chocolate.

Short Title
Fondue Frenzy

This is a fondue event for all ages, with melted chocolate and plenty of treats for dipping. Simple and popular. 

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A fondue event for all ages, with melted chocolate and plenty of treats for dipping. Simple and popular. 

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