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Fridays Before Finals

September 19, 2017
College Students
Advance Planning

Our goal is to provide a quiet study space for finals and midterms as well as stress relief for students during this strenuous time.

At first, it took quite a bit of planning. We did not have a game collection yet, and different staff members would bring their own games from home. We now have our own Xbox as well as a dozen or so board games. Aside from the games offered, the only other planning involved is ordering pizza and ensuring a student assistant is scheduled to watch the desk.


Our marketing includes fliers posted across campus, advertising in Abbey News and boosting our "Create an Event" through Facebook.

Budget Details

We spent $150 total: $135 for pizza, drinks and paper products and $15 for boosting our Facebook post.

Day-of-event Activity

We require two staff members and one student assistant to set up. We rearrange the furniture, set up the Classic Nintendo that a staff member brings in, set up our Xbox Kinect Sports Game, and disperse board games and card games throughout the ground floor.

The buffet is set up at the ground floor service desk. On the main floor, our student assistant mans the desk, and bottled water and cookies are provided.

Program Execution

The program always goes well, with 40 to 60 students at each event. I know that one student who was visiting campus decided to come to Belmont Abbey while attending our event. We achieved our goals of providing quiet study space and eliminating stress.


There should be at least two dedicated staff members for the game portion of this program. These staff members are needed for set-up, clean-up, and to chaperone the event. An additional student assistant or staff member is needed to man the desk. In the past we tried to host this event with only two staffers, and it was chaotic.

An unexpected outcome of this program is that students who have never been to the library before attend this event for the free pizza. When they find out the staff is pleasant and the atmosphere is nice, they become regular library users. 

We have not conducted a formal evaluation of this program, but the positive response speaks for itself.

Short Title
Fridays Before Finals

We have been hosting Fridays before Finals since October 2014. This program is held twice a semester: the Friday before midterms and the Friday before finals. 

Normally our library closes at 5 p.m. on Fridays. On these occasions, we stay open until midnight and the library hosts quiet study upstairs and pizza and games downstairs.

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A Catholic liberal arts college offers study and game time with this late-night finals week program.

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