Gratitude Cornucopia (Display)



Patrons write what they are thankful for on paper vegetables and fill the paper cornucopia  and the entire bulletin board  with gratitude. Everyone was invited to participate, but kids wrote the majority of the answers since I run the children's room. People were thankful for their family, friends and pets; for Paw Patrol and Batman; for chocolate bars and best friends and sunny days to ride their bikes.

Program Execution


The pieces (located under Attachments at right)

  • Hand-drawn food: print each sheet on the color of paper that's written on the side of the page

How to assemble 

1. Draw a big cornucopia on a piece of brown butcher paper or corrugated cardboard. If you use butcher paper, laminate it so it doesn't become ragged. I free-handed the cornucopia, which I know isn't easy for a lot of people, but once you get the shape right, it's not too hard. Don't stress about this part, because it'll be covered up, anyway. 

2. Print out the PDF of hand-drawn food, and copy each page several times onto colored paper (suggested colors are written on the side of each page of the PDF). This works better than trying to load a rainbow into the printer. 

3. Once you have the colored pages of food, cut out the vegtables and put them into a little basket with a few markers. In our library, patrons brought their completed vegetables to the circulation desk and we taped them up. We did this so kids, who want to tape their food super high, wouldn't climb onto the furniture. (I may have had this happen a few times before.) The answers I liked the best were the ones you might not expect; yes, we are all thankful for family and friends, but this year, our patrons were also grateful for Spike (the library's pet turtle), princess dresses, Netflix and the interlibrary loan (me, too!).

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