Young Adult

LEGO Robotics

Children ages 8 to 18 are invited to work as young scientists, engineers, and mathematicians to build and program machines using the LEGO Robotics WeDo Activity Pack. Space is limited, so registration is required. 

Advanced Planning

Our goals for the program were to engage older children and young adults in STEM activities by building and programming machines. LEGO Robotics kits and software were ordered six months prior to the first activity. Three staff members learned to use the program materials and then assisted with the first program at each of the three branches.   



LEGO Robotics events are promoted with calendars, fliers, social media, radio, local newspapers, free community magazines and the library newsletter.


We purchased kits, software and an activity guide for this series. To save on the amount of kits and software needed, programs can be conducted with two people per computer.

Day-of-event Activity

Set-up primarily consists of ensuring that the software is installed on the computers and that the machine hubs are plugged into USB ports. For our library system, the LEGO Robotics kits are rotated among three library branches through courier. Additionally, special programs are sometimes scheduled at smaller satellite branches, by staff request. 


Program Execution

LEGO Robotics programs fill to capacity as soon as they are advertised.  Participants call in to register and can sign up for future events during the programs. Parents, grandparents and teachers can attend to watch and participate with children.



Our advice to allow time for, and encourage, participants to experiment and engineer their own machine designs. 

Supporting Materials

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