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Math Mites

October 29, 2015
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The program consists of 12 in-library and outreach session. (For more information, download the resources under Attachments at right.)


We used our standards methods of promotion, which include our website and listserv and local press outlets. Our most effective methods of promotion are emails forwarded by the South Fayette Twp. School District and local preschools.

Budget Details

In our initial year, when the program was held in the library only, we utilized math kits, books, CDs and electronic materials (Tumblebooks) from within the Allegheny County Library Association. The approximate cost of the in-house program was under $500. The cost of the initial full-scale outreach and in-library program was approximately $5,000. Yearly costs to maintain the program are approximately $600 per year, exclusive of staffing.

The library board committed to supporting additional staffing hours to support expanded outreach. Funding from the PNC Charitable Trust made it possible for the library to purchase and present Math Mites on an ongoing basis.

All of the materials used in the classes were presented to the daycare/preschool providers as kits to use in additional classroom instruction, and to have available to parents. Books are also available at the South Fayette Twp. Library and other libraries in the Allegheny County Library System for public use.

Day-of-event Activity

Activities varied for each of th 12 in-library and outreach session. (For more information, download the resources under Attachments at right.)

Program Execution

Program execution varies for the 12 in-library and outreach session.

Initially, the Math Mites outreach program enabled the library to reach 88 preschool aged children at three separate child care facilities over the course of nine months. The program served an additional 25 children within the library.

Parents and caregivers completed pre-surveys to assess their child's basic preschool math concepts (including counting, reverse counting, time sequencing, pairs, patterns and number order).

Of the 88 post-program surveys collected, parents and caregivers reported:

  • 77 percent showed a 100 percent retention rate with simple questions related to the concepts covered during the Math Mites sessions.
  • 18 percent showed 70 to 80 percent concept retention.
  • 5 percent had difficulty recalling concepts.

The Math Mites Program is great way to collaborate with informal and formal educational partners in your community and to promote lifelong literacy to families and children.

Short Title
Math Mites

South Fayette Twp. Library’s award-winning Math Mites program for preschool-aged children develops an understanding of basic math concepts required for school readiness. Through a series of interactive activities, the program introduces children to 12 math concepts: counting beyond 10, subtracting one, size, tallying, shapes, number order, patterns, more or less, pairs and matching, sequencing, sets and time.

Math Mites uses Stuart Murphy's "Mathstart" picture books and multimedia materials to create an engaging program for children to learn valuable mathematical concepts through repetitive songs, flannel board activities, readings and hands-on and group activities.

In 2015, South Fayette Twp. Library's Math Mites program was awarded the Best Practices Award by the Pennsylvania Library Association for incorporating math into preschool literacy. 

Program Date
Oct. 26, 2015
  • Math Mites group photo
    Math Mites group photo

South Fayette Twp. Library’s program utilizes Stuart Murphy's "Mathstart" activities for preschool literacy.