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More Than a Month

The More Than a Month series is the library's yearlong exploration of the African diaspora, revealing black history beyond its February traditions, and placed within American history at large. The name is inspired by the documentary film "More Than a Month" by Shukree Tilghman.

Our series aims to illuminate black culture via multiple themes, to expand understanding of black history for all, and to foster dialogue about the black historical presence in the Americas, Africa and the Caribbean. Through programs and events including film screenings, lectures, health demonstrations, music and dance performances, art exhibitions and book discussions, our series strives to enrich the entire community's understanding of a complex, historical legacy and to widen their knowledge about the scope of black history. View a full listing of the ongoing More Than a Month program offerings.

Advanced Planning

Planning for each quarter's events is done three months ahead; this provides ample time for contacting presenters, promoting events and reserving the programming space. Much care is taken to build audiences through shared community interests for the programs we present onsite, and we sometimes partner with other organizations, like hospitals, schools, community organizations or chambers of commerce, to reach a target audience.


Library-sponsored programs are promoted via the quarterly printed Storyline event newsletter, through online library social media (Twitter and Facebook) and on the library's website. 

The More Than a Month programs are publicized in local newspapers, chamber of commerce email blasts, and by way of posters and brochures sent to local social service agencies.

We have also begun forging relationships with local library schools, colleges and area high schools, whose students then volunteer to assist with More Than a Month events.

Day-of-event Activity

The Oak Park Public Library is fortunate to have an in-house facilities department that accomplishes most physical program space set-up.

Program Execution

Our programming librarian(s) supply and place the necessary decor, audio-visual equipment (mics, laptops, etc.), and we share facilitating duties during the events.


Start planning early, and don't be afraid to think outside the box in terms of programming partnerships!

The library has had great success in coordinating our programs with other local nonprofit and social service agencies, schools, foundations and hospitals for the More Than a Month series. Planning quarterly events rather than monthly programs has helped us do advance promotion.

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