Musical Bingo for Aging Adults



Musical Bingo is part of the library's bi-monthly program series with the Horry County Council on Aging-Green Sea Floyds. Most programs include aspects of cognitive development, including Musical Bingo. The music played is what these participants would have heard in high school. Happier memories, better moods, a desire to socialize, and general mental and physical well-being are all enhanced by music.

Advanced Planning

When I plan programs for aging adults, I encourage memory recall. Maintaining mental activity is essential, whether it is through games like Musical Bingo or answering trivia questions while walking in circles and balancing balls in a parachute! It's as much joy for me to hear about their early years as it is for them to share their memories. I also check out books to bring to the center depending on the trivia topic so it is a program and helps our circulation statistics.


The center promotes programs through calendars and posting on its website.


Short of printing bingo cards, there is no cost for this program.

Day-of-event Activity

Before heading to the center, I print bingo sheets, prepare music (I use Spotify) and charge the speaker. I also check out topical books on the trivia topic to bring along.

Program Execution

Each person gets a bingo card. I shuffle the music and let it play through until everyone recognizes the song before I play the next song. I plan for 45 minutes or longer for the full program. To conclude, I shared the song titles and many asked to hear some all the way through.

This group loved the program and asked me to do it again. It hit the target of memory recall and allowed for stimulating conversation. Some patrons came to the library later to check out additional music books.


With aging adults, I don't like to give out 'prizes'. I noticed that they enjoy nostalgic candy and everyone got mini tootsie roll pops and loved it!

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