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Virtual Art Show

May 14, 2020
Children / Family
Older Adults / Seniors
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Young Adult
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Advance Planning

There's not a ton of advance planning needed for this program. The most important thing is to make sure the community knows about it so you can get submissions.

I immediately got the word out through social media and the local school networks. Once the word was out, I began receiving submissions in my email inbox. I will use Google Slides for the actual presentation and post widely on our social media channels. 


I drafted a press release and sent to our local paper, who published it online. We announced on the library's Facebook and Instagram pages and in the local school district's e-newsletter.

Budget Details

There were no expenses for this program beyond staff time to plan.

Day-of-event Activity

All images will be added to a Google Slides presentation that will be shared online and shown on our Instagram page throughout the day on May 30. 

Program Execution

As of this writing, I have received a dozen submissions. All participants are thankful for the opportunity and have invited friends to participate. I am very enthusiastic about this project and look forward to presenting the show to our community. 


Be prepared with a vision for your show. You can make it so all of the works submitted reflect on that vision. The vision/goal of our show is "to show the power of art to lift our spirits and renew hope."

We do not have a library art policy because exhibits are new for us. Having a vision statement meant my director did not worry about submissions that would be deemed inappropriate for sharing publicly.

Short Title
Virtual Art Show

Since it's become clear that we won't be having in-person events at our library this summer, I wanted to find a way for the library to uplift community spirit from a distance.

The Spring 2020 Art Show is a digital display of art presentening works by Boyertown community members, open to all ages and media, inclusive of all ages and abilities. The art show can serve as a reminder to the community that, even under challenging conditions, we are capable of creativity, a hopeful spirit and uplifting one another. 

Program Date
Sat, 2020-05-30

Boyertown Community Library hosts an online display of art made by community members.