Virtual Physician Lecture: Hearing and Hearing Disturbances



Dr. Maja Svrakic, board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, of Northwell Health discussed hearing loss and options with our older patrons through Zoom.

The library has had previous physicians lectures before. Because of COVID, they are now interactive virtual sessions. 

Advanced Planning

I reached out on the consortium listserv to see if any libraries would be interested in partnering on a physician talk program. I received about eight responses from the 54 on the list.

We came together and started planning logistics from there with the physician. Since this is a virtual program, I wanted to reach out to other libraries to get it as widely viewed as possible.


We share e-blasts to patrons and local organizations, posted the event on Facebook, and got the event shared on online and paper newspapers. We also put fliers in curbside pick-up books.

Since this was a collaboration with other libraries we were also able to spread the reach that way. 


No cost to the library.

Day-of-event Activity

Our physician, Dr. Maja Svrakic, began her presentation on Zoom. She covered a variety of topics, such as the prevalence of hearing loss, why hearing loss should be treated and what happens if it is not. She also spoke about who to see and when you should see them if you have concerns regarding your hearing. 

During her presentation, the doctor answered common questions, such as: what are some hearing device options, and do they work ? Why does my friend/sister/neighbor hate their hearing aids? When is surgery an option for hearing loss? Am I too old/infirm to have surgery for hearing loss?

At the end of the prepared session, Dr. Svrakic took questions from our participants.

Program Execution

This interactive program was done through Zoom. We had staff on-hand for tech and moderation.



Collaborate with other libraries to get a wider range of participants. 

Supporting Materials