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community engagement

Donut Diorama Day

Ad for Teen Donut Diorama Day

In this messy, fun, hands-on program, tweens and teens dare to design and devour delicious doughnut dioramas alongside local police officers. 

Using doughnuts, candy decorations and basic supplies, teams create freestanding structures that are judged in categories like creativity and engineering. 

The event was designed to ease relations between local teens and police with humor and treats. 

The Book Crawl

Photograph of people sitting at tables outside of a brewery

Prince George’s County Memorial Library System’s Book Crawl is a series of pop-up outreach programs created to engage the adult population, local businesses and community partners in Prince George’s County.

This brought drag bingo to breweries, crafting to coffee shops, and Name That Tune to bars to create new library users, advocates and partnerships.

Panel Art with Lyndy Bazile

Photograph of participants and artists gathered around a piece of panel art.

The main goal of this program was to give middle school-aged kids a sense of ownership of the library's Teen Room. We invited a local artist to work with the kids on creating colorful panels to decorate the room. The participants visited and worked within the artists' studio space and got to see their final pieces installed.

Small Business Success Story

Small Business Success Stories is an ongoing series featuring diverse local small business owners and entrepreneurs sharing their inspiring journeys. The goals of this program are to amplify the voices and stories of diverse small business owners and connect aspiring entrepreneurs with a support network.

The first program in the series was held in March 2022 and is ongoing.

Community Displays

Photograph of a child smiling in front of a case full of different rubber duckies.

Every branch in the Mid-Continent Public Library system with display cabinets asks the community to share their interests and collections with neighbors, allowing for civic engagement and community building. Our displays have included local artists, humanitarian organizations, children, teens, adults, local clubs, schools and many others.

1000 Paper Cranes

Photograph of strands of colorful paper cranes.

Our library is located a few miles from a shooting that took place in Highland Park, Illinois last summer. As the one-year mark of the shooting approached, our library wanted to provide an opportunity for our community to demonstrate their compassion for our neighbors in Highland Park.

We asked patrons to stop by the library lobby to pick up paper and instructions to create an origami paper crane, a symbol of hope and healing during challenging times. Our goal was to create 1,000 paper cranes.


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