DIY Squishies


The DIY Squishies program allows teens to make and design squishable toys using pieces of foam.

Constellation Cross-Stitch


Ferguson Municipal Public Library offered a star-inspired embroidery class for all ages.

Community Poet-Tree

Picture of tree in library with paper leaves hanging

In this passive program, Princeton Public Library invited patrons to fill branches with leaves of poetry.

Book Art

Got old, outdated or damaged books? Before you toss them into the recycling bin, consider turning them into book art.

Painted Pumpkin Party

Good gourd, pumpkins aren't just for Halloween! We've found a low-budget, family-friendly activity for everyone to enjoy.

Knitting Workshops for Kids


A Los Angeles library fostered a new generation of knitters with a series of adorable knitting workshops.

No-Sew Pillows


An Indiana library gathered residents of all ages with this simple Random Acts of Kindness Week activity.