Money Signs Scavenger Hunt


Support early financial literacy by introducing kids to symbols of currency in this scavenger hunt. 

Needs and Wants

Photograph of kids working at a table with art supplies to create their Needs and Wants project

In this hands-on financial literacy program, kids use magazine cut-outs to learn the difference between needs and wants.

Fiscally Fit Bootcamp


Oklahoma's Pioneer Library System staff presented numerous six-week Fiscally Fit Bootcamps to library staff and vital community partners.

Be a Master Money Builder!

Photograph of child putting coins into three jars. Jars are labeled: Savings, Toys, Education

Money Builders is a one-day children's camp with a Lego theme created to teach the children of refugees about the importance of banks. 

Money Madness Teen Lock-in


This popular teen financial lit program (complete with free pizza!) took place after library hours.