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100 Days/100 Books

Wall of 100 books read by students on the 100th day of school.

Every year in late January or early February, children all over the country celebrate the 100th day of school with all sorts of clever projects — bringing 100 items to school, wearing “100th-day” glasses, listing 100 things they love to do. Why not add a reading activity to this list? Ask a group of younger students to read 100 books on the 100th day of school in one hour!

Welcome to Kindergarten

Cutting activity station

For our Welcome to Kindergarten program, children entering kindergarten were invited, with their parents, to a special story time featuring books, songs and flannel boards to help make their first day worry-free. After the story time we offered several exploratory activity stations focusing on kindergarten skills such as cutting; name-writing; recognizing shapes, colors, letters and numbers; and shoe-tying.

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