Jigsaw Puzzle Swap

Photograph of tables set up with boxes of puzzles

Give a puzzle, get a new puzzle in exchange at the Jigsaw Puzzle Swap.

Why Go Green?

Photograph of a grassy, green forest.

A local cemetery collaborates with the library to educate on alternative, Earth-conscious death planning.

Oregon Trail Live-Action Simulation


Inspired by the original video game, this program simulates a full run of the historical trail. 

Summer Sidewalk Poetry Competition


Winners of this poetry contest get their poems painted onto local sidewalks. 

1000 Paper Cranes

Photograph of strands of colorful paper cranes.

In this passive program, patrons created 1000 paper cranes to honor the victims of a local shooting.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month

June celebrates the important contributions LGBTQIA people have made throughout history.