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program for kids

Glow Golf

Image of glowing neon circles surrounding a pink golf ball.

Glow Golf is an 8-hole mini-golf course set up throughout the library's children's department. The course was designed and put on by our Teen Advisory Board (TAB) group and was open to all ages. Scorecards were provided and attendees voted on their favorite hole.

Kid Librarian

Photograph of a child re-shelving books on a ladder.

The Kid Librarian program asks kids ages 8-12 to design a book display of fiction and/or nonfiction chapter books in the library’s children’s section. Kid Librarians are asked to come up with a theme for the display and can ask a librarian for help finding books or use the catalog for assistance.

Community Displays

Photograph of a child smiling in front of a case full of different rubber duckies.

Every branch in the Mid-Continent Public Library system with display cabinets asks the community to share their interests and collections with neighbors, allowing for civic engagement and community building. Our displays have included local artists, humanitarian organizations, children, teens, adults, local clubs, schools and many others.

Haunted Library

Image text: Haunted Library. Illustrations of black bats and a ghost reading a book.

On the Sunday before Halloween every year, the George Reynolds Branch Library is taken over by the Haunted Library for two fun-filled hours in an open house-style program.

We have fun and spooky activity stations throughout the entirety of the library. Activities include crafts, Bobbing for Donuts, Not-So-Spooky Storytime, face painting, candy guessing game, Spooky Photo Booth, Slime Walk (like a cake walk, but you win slime), Monster Bowling, Spooky Creatures and more! Each station has a treat or a prize to give out to participants.

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