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Live Video Chat with NASA Astronaut Aboard the International Space Station

NASA downlink participant asks a question

Through a competitive application process hosted by NASA, Gail Borden Public Library was able to host a NASA In-flight Educational Downlink. Young people from our library were able to ask questions via video conference to NASA Astronaut Jeff Williams while he was aboard the International Space Station (ISS) on June 30, 2016.

Telescope Lending Program

Young girl looks through a telescope

The Telescope Lending Program is the result of a partnership between St. Louis County Library District (SLCL) and the St. Louis Astronomical Society (SLAS). The lending program makes 28 telescopes available for patrons to check out for one week; it is believed to be the largest telescope lending program at a single library district in the country. SLAS borrowed the concept from the New Hampshire Astronomical Society, which first introduced the lending model.

Reaching for the Stars!

Satellite broadcasting dishes

Satellite broadcasting dishesThose who know me know that I am quite the science fanatic. While I possess neither the technical skills nor the knowledge to actually pursue a career in science (I have the report cards to prove it), I do possess a deep-seated love and passion for scientific research and discovery in a variety of fields, including space, space travel and the search for potential life in outer space.

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