Balloon Smash Art

Participants use a balloon and paint to create abstract designs on canvas.

Advanced Planning

I started balloon smash projects at home and thought it would be a fun program to have for our crafty patrons. I picked two color combinations that I had used before as options for the participants.

Planning began a month ahead of the event. I made a supply list and reserved a room. Based on the space we had, we arranged for 24 participants.


We promoted the event on our website, Facebook and Instagram. We also provide a paper calendar highlighting each month's programs. Registration was required and we began advertising at the end of March. The program filled up with a waiting list.


The cost of this program was $150. 

Supplies that we purchased were: Plastic table coverings, 2-oz. Dixie Cups, gloves, 24 1-inch paint brushes, 24 11x14-inch canvases, and various colors of paint (three small bottles of each color and three large bottles of white).

Other supplies were items we had on hand: Drinking straws, water balloons, push pins, and paper towels. 

If you want to cut costs, I suggest asking each participant to bring their own canvas, in a size of their choosing. I provided the Dixie Cups in case someone wanted to blend colors but no one used them.

Day-of-event Activity

A few days before our event, I put push pins on the bottom corners of each canvas. This created a "leg" to keep the canvas raised while painting, which prevented it from sticking to the table. This is not a necessary step, but I thought it would help keep the canvases looking good.

On the day of the event, we arranged tables and chairs, placed table coverings on each table, and set a canvas, brush, several paper towels, and an instruction sheet at each place. Only one staff member was needed for set-up.

Program Execution

We planned for 24 attendees, and 21 showed up. Most had never done this method of painting before. I displayed my canvases from home to show the color options available. I had a canvas for myself and paints on a cart. I was able to wheel it around to demonstrate the technique and pass out paints. Since they painted a base coat of white all over their canvas, I thought it would be easier to go around with the paints than having them walk with wet canvases. 

Our participants had a lot of fun and marveled at the many designs that were created. I had each participant write their name and phone number on a slip that they left with their painting. They were directed to come back the following day to pick it up, to allow for drying. The majority picked up the following day and I only had to call and remind one person. Many asked if we would do another session in the future. Everyone left happy, so I consider this a successful program.


Before putting on this program, I would search online for balloon smash art and practice the technique. You also want to look for color combinations that work well together. Write down the names of the colors you use. Make sure you include some metallic colors in your palette. When setting up the paints, be sure to remove the plastic on the lids so you're not doing it during the program.

Supporting Materials

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