DIY Disco Ball "Vase"

Patrons created a disco ball "vase" using styrofoam balls and recycled CDs to hold their favorite faux florals and plants.

Advanced Planning

We planned about 1-2 months ahead of time following a large donation of CDs we were unable to sell in our book sale. We had teen volunteers cut the CDs into small squares (about ½”x ½”) and collect them in a Ziploc bag before the program.


We promoted the event on our website and calendar. We had 15 spaces in the program and had 14 in attendance. 


The CDs were donated, so we only purchased styrofoam balls (we found 12 of them for about $24), and fake plants/flowers which were about $20.

You could also have patrons bring their own plants or find some at a local thrift store rather than buying new ones.

Day-of-event Activity

This program was run by one staff member. Having enough outlets and positioning tables near them was important for this type of program. Some patrons needed assistance with the glue gun but that was a simple fix.


Program Execution

The patrons really enjoyed the process and were happy with the result. They were excited about the idea of reusing the CDs for another purpose.


Be sure to have enough glue guns, glue sticks and CD pieces. I would say we had our volunteers cut at least 50-60 CDs and we had some leftovers.

Supporting Materials

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